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WORM provides a generalized representation at 1:24,000 scale of commercially harvested marine worm habitat in Maine, based on Maine Department of Marine Resources data from 1970's. Original maps were created by MDMR and published by USF&WS as part of the "Ecological Characteristics of Coastal Maine".

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American_oysters is a REGIONS dataset and contains distribution information for american oysters (Crassostrea virginica) for the coast of Maine . Polygons are based on locations indicated by town officials, harvesters, Harbormasters, DMR biologists, DMR specialists or DMR scientists from February 2008 to May 2009. POLYGON codes include: Town, County, Species, NOAA_Chart, Updated, Shape, ACRES, OBJECTID, SHAPE_AREA, SHAPE_LEN, and Source.

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EHPLVTRN contains Piping Plover and Least Tern nesting, feeding, and brood-rearing areas identified and mapped as Essential Habitat. This coverage contains both LINE and POLYGON topology and both are needed to accurately depict Piping Plover/Least Tern Essential Habitats. LINE attributes include the item LINETYPE, POLYGON attributes include the items SITE, ACRES, TYPE, and PHOTO.

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