Aquaculture Lease Sites

  • Title: Aquaculture Lease Sites
  • Abstract:

    Aquaculture_Leases contains the geographic locations of active aquaculture lease sites along the coast of Maine. Details regarding lease specific culture activities and contact information are included.

  • Publication Date: Dec. 13, 2010, midnight
  • Type: Vector Data
  • Keywords: marine economy farming natural resources and topography leases 24000 mariculture oceans marine environment monitoring cultural aquaculture
  • Category: Ocean Uses
  • Owner: KReardon
  • Point of Contact: KReardon
  • Restrictions: Not to be used for legal purposes.
  • Purpose:

    To display the distribution of marine aquaculture facilities in Maine.

  • Language: English
  • Supplemental Information:

    Lease Type Coding:

    "E" : Experimental Lease - Term = 3 years; Size = 2 acres or less.
    "F" : Finfish Lease - Term = 10 years; Size = 150 acres or less.

Attribute Name Range Average Median Standard Deviation
Status NA
Lease_Type NA
Leaseholde NA
Contact NA
Telephone NA
Location NA
Waterbody NA
City NA
County NA
Expiration NA
Globalid NA
Acres 10.45 4.76 13.75
The_Geom NA
Objectid 691.61 87.00 1232.56
Site_Id NA
Primarysp NA