Barrow's Goldeneye Wintering Areas in Maine

  • Title: Barrow's Goldeneye Wintering Areas in Maine
  • Abstract:

    Barrow's Goldeneye is a threatened waterfowl species in Maine. They are morphologically similar to Common Goldeneye and can be easily mistaken for Common Goldeneyes by hunters. These areas were determined through on the ground surveys of wintering ducks in 2000 and 2008-2009.

  • Publication Date: July 1, 2009, midnight
  • Type: Vector Data
  • Keywords: wintering area Barrow's Goldeneye (Bucephala islandica)
  • Category: Biology
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  • Purpose:

    This layer was created to illustrate areas where Barrow's Goldeneye persistently congregate on maps published by the department for hunter education purposes.

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