Bathymetry Contours of the Gulf of Maine

  • Title: Bathymetry Contours of the Gulf of Maine
  • Abstract:

    Bathymetric contours for the Gulf of Maine from USGS. These data were created from a DEM which was based on numerous input layers. For complete details, see:

    Input data includes:
    1. NOAA Hydrographic Survey Data and NGDC Marine Trackline Geophysics Data
    2. Naval Oceanographic Office DBDB-V gridded bathymetry
    3. Datasets from Bedford Institute of Oceanography and Brookhaven National Laboratory
    4. NOAA Medium Resolution Digital Shoreline and DMA World Vector Shoreline
    5. Defense Mapping Agency ETOPO5 Digital Relief of the Surface of the Earth
    6. GEBCO General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans
    7. USGS North American 30 Arc-Second DEM

  • Publication Date: Sept. 16, 2003, midnight
  • Type: Vector Data
  • Keywords: bathymetry, depth, marine, ocean
  • Category: Physical Oceanography
  • Owner: RSignell
  • Point of Contact: RSignell
  • Restrictions: None
  • Purpose:

    To model depths in the Gulf of Maine.

  • Language: English
  • Supplemental Information:

    No information provided

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