Groundfishing Areas in the Gulf of Maine

  • Title: Groundfishing Areas in the Gulf of Maine
  • Abstract:

    The groundfish data comprises three types of data, showing two gear types and historical areas. The current groundfish data gear types are broken down into gill net and trawl. The historic data represents a combination of gill net, trawl, and hook fisheries.
    Data collection did not target historic groundfishing areas, but captured that information as offered by participants. Therefore, historical data should not be viewed as a complete representation of effort or distribution, but rather as a sampling of historical groundfish data as provided by interviewees. Other institutions like the Penobscot East Resource Center are prioritizing the collection of historical data about groundfish and may have more resources to add richness to the historical distribution of groundfish.
    The groundfish data set involves both data collected through the work funded by the Maine Coastal Program and also work conducted previously by the Island Institute using substantially the same methodology. Overall, the groundfish data layers represent the information from about 20 interviewees: current and former groundfish fishermen as well as lobstermen whose fishing areas are adjacent those utilized by the groundfish fleet.
    Federally managed habitat and mortality closed areas play an important role in the groundfish fishery. This is not reflected in this data very well due to the scale and generalization of the data upon being aggregated.
    The data gives a sense of the vast area fished off the coast of Maine as well as the complexity of fisheries and gear types across areas. It shows areas of fishing from only selected harbors or regions, however, and represent an incomplete “snapshot” from an ongoing project. It should not be viewed as representing a complete data set for Maine’s fisheries, but rather as one step towards understanding fisheries-use patterns offshore and methods for documenting them.

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