Shore Zone Inland Waterfowl and Wading Bird Habitat

  • Title: Shore Zone Inland Waterfowl and Wading Bird Habitat
  • Abstract:

    Inland Waterfowl and Wading Bird Habitat (IWWH) polygons rated as HIGH or MODERATE value with a wetland area of at least 10 acres. Polygons originally were mapped by MDIFW regional staff and/or via an automated system (hereafter referred to as UMO process) developed by Heather Rustigian and William Krohn (USGS Biological Resources Division) using statewide digital NWI (National Wetlands Inventory) data, aerial imagery, and hydrology data. Polygon boundaries and NRPA ratings were updated in 2007-08 by MDIFW staff using recent (2001-2007) high-resolution (<=1 m), color orthoimagery. For most polygons, multiple images from different years and seasons were used. Upland zones, typically 250 ft in diameter around the wetland, were clipped to exclude areas of intensive development, slivers crossing major roads into non-wetland habitat, and shorelines >250 ft from a vegetated, non-forested wetland on a Great Pond. UPDATED Sep 26, 2008.

  • Publication Date: Oct. 1, 2008, midnight
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  • Purpose:

    Inland wetlands for shoreland zoning by Maine Department of Environmental Protection. These IWWH are all CANDIDATE Significant Wildlife Habitats. Each polygon must be field-verified to determine whether it meets the definition under the Natural Resources Protection Act (NRPA). NOTE - not all Iwwh polygons considered as candidate Significant Wildlife Habitat are contained in this layer; only those with a wetland area of at least 10 acres qualify for shoreland zoning. This layer is being updated continuously through 2007 and 2008 and wetlands for individual towns are updated using new imagery. The layer only contains data for towns that have been updated.

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  • Supplemental Information:

    Five criteria are used to assess IWWHs: dominant wetland type, diversity of wetland types, size, interspersion, and amount of open water. A high to moderate...

Attribute Name Range Average Median Standard Deviation
Iwwh_Id NA
The_Geom NA