Kathleen Reardon

GIS Manager Maine Department of Marine Resources
PO Box 8
"West Boothbay Harbor" Maine 04575
(207) 633-9404
(207) 633-9579


METWP100 depicts political boundaries, common town names, and geocodes for Maine at 1:100,000 scale. The coverage was created from USGS, 1:100,000 digital line graph files of town boundaries. To correct mapping errors and reflect recent changes to Minor Civil Division (MCD) boundaries, arcs and polygons have been added to or updated in METWP100 where changes are appropriate to the scale of the coverage. Polygons in the coverage are attributed with the items TOWN, COUNTY, GEOCODE, and CNTYCODE as found in "Standard Geographic Codes for Maine Minor Civil Divisions", 1971. The coverage is also attributed with the polygon items LAND, ISLAND, LURC, BAXTER and TAG. Arcs are coded with the items LAND, TYPE, and Maine GIS recommended feature metadata items and codes. For a current digital copy of "Standard Geocodes for Maine Minor Civil Divisions" in .dbf or comma delimited text format see http://megis.maine.gov/catalog/ "Tables". For more information on the Maine GIS feature metadata recommendation see: http://megis.maine.gov/standards/flmeta/fmbrief.htm .

Aquaculture_Leases contains the geographic locations of active aquaculture lease sites along the coast of Maine. Details regarding lease specific culture activities and contact information are included.